Justice Studies

10276NAT Course in Community Justice Services (Commissioner for Declarations) (Justice of the Peace [Qualified]).

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JP (Qual) course: 3 full days (24 hrs Total) face to face delivery $350

C.dec course: 3 days (20 hrs Total) face to face delivery $300

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Course 58: February 2018 Weekday Course

JP (Qual) 3 Day Course (24 hrs Total) Tuesday 17/04/2018 - Thursday 19/04/2018 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
C.dec 3 Day Course (20 hrs Total) Tuesday 17/04/2018 - Thursday 19/04/2018 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Lunch, course notes and Dept Justice - Duties of J.P (Qual) Handbook provided.

Justice Studies

Industry/ Community needs

Justices of the Peace (Qualified) and Commissioners for Declarations carry out many judicial and administrative duties as "gate-keepers" of the Queensland justice system. The role of Justice of the Peace (Qualified)(JP (Qual)) and Commissioner for Declarations, (C.dec) is voluntary, with a constant demand for services across the state.

As part of their appointment, JPs (Qual) and C.decs require a through and current understanding of the powers and duties required to accurately serve members of their community. This capacity is critical to ensure that newly appointed JPs (Qual) and C.decs are competent to undertake the role, perform their duties correctly and consistently and reduce the risk of litigation against State and person.

As a JP (Qual) or C.dec, the community expects you to be constantly aware that you are participating in the administration of justice in Queensland, while performing the functions of your office.

Your position as JP (Qual) or C.dec indicates that you are trusted to act responsibly. The community will expect you to have an understanding of some of the multitude of documents that are brought before you.

For more information visit the Queensland Justice Website.

Vocational or educational outcomes of the course

The intended purpose of this course is to provide participants with the range of knowledge, skills and generic, as well as specific competencies to support them in providing efficient, accurate and consistent certifying, witnessing and minor judicial services to members of the community.

For full course information see the PDF file

Want to Upgrade your Commissioner for Declarations to Justice of the Peace (Qualified)

We offer a two day course for you to upgrade your qualification to a Justice of the Peace (Qualified). For more information please email us for full details. The upgrade costs $100 if you have done your C.dec with AUS-IAS or $150 if you have done your C.dec with another provider.

For more information contact our staff on +617 3343 8073 or email information@aus-ias.edu.au