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About Us

A bit about us and our staff...

We are a dynamic education and training institute that provides many courses including:

Justice Community Service courses (C.dec and Justice of the Peace (Qualified))

Business studies Diploma and Certificate III

Bookkeeping Certificate IV

Digital Media Certificate III - Graphic Design, Photography, Film/Video

Engineering Certificate III- CAD, drafting, Mechanical Engineering

AUS-IAS teachers have over 20 years of knowledge and experience in industry practice and Adult Vocational Education & Training.

Our Vision

To be the Institute of choice for individuals seeking to acquire or improve professional skills for employment and career advancement'

Our Mission

To provide Industry and employment focussed education using contemporary tools and teaching methods to achieve the best outcomes for our students, in a fun supportive sociable environment. Our commitment to offer the very best is reflected in our vision and mission statements. AUS-IAS exists due to the ongoing support and loyality of our past and present students and industry advocates. We are very grateful to these people because they have made us what we are today.

Student Testimonials

Gareth Taylor

Gareth Taylor: "I was really looking for Teachers that are serious about teaching students - that wanted students to achieve at a high level..."

Edward Marshall

Edward Marshall: "They push us towards a University line, so the idea is to increase the load, increase the challenge, making it tougher.." 

Adam Workman

Adam Workman: "The course was very educational and delivered very professionally. I found the course to be very interesting and very helpful for my pathway to become a JP (Qual). Would definitely recommend this course." 

Martyn Ohara

Martyn Ohara: "With that industry recognition, it's a lot quicker path and a better path to university and higher education as well…"

Kevin Spelata

Kevin Spelata: " I wanted to actually talk to my Teachers and I actually wanted to learn and that drive definitely carries on through Uni, because right now, I love studying…"

Monique Chang

Monique Chang: "The level of support from my Teachers was amazing, even three years after graduation they have kept in contact, offering advice for further studies or to move higher in the industry…"

Ryan Unicomb

Ryan Unicomb: " You are going to be much more employable if you are spending your time doing the right things with the right people - and learning - rather than just getting the piece of paper…"

The Administrative Staff...

Pankaj and Noel met at TAFE QLD Skillstech, where they taught the Advanced Diploma of Engineering and other high level engineering subjects. After being disappointed with changes to the TAFE system they decided to open the Australian Institute of Advanced Studies in 2014. Their goal was to provide a better quality education, without filler courses, without fluffy subjects, without being bound by the TAFE system.

Noel Higginbotham

CEO / Director

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Pankaj Saxena


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The Media Teachers...

Sue Cake

Media Lecturer

David Warrilow

Media Lecturer




The Design Teachers...

Ros Stokes

Design Lecturer

Mike Crawley

Design Lecturer




The Photography Teachers...

Daniel Bunce

Photography Lecturer




The Engineering Teachers...

Noel Higginbotham

Engineering Lecturer

Pankaj Saxena

Engineering Lecturer




The Business/Justice Teachers...

Kerry Higginbotham

Justice Lecturer